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How Talal became a Spiritual Healer. How to break a curse by talismans
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Talal Zoabi was born and raised in the Holy land's city of Nazareth, Israel.  At the early age of 7 he learned about the supernatural world when an evil presence would appear to him in the night. Tali had symptoms of black magic and was in fact suffering from black magic.  This presence had a devil like dog face, and a very long tail.  As a child this was very terrifying for him and left him with many sleepless nights hiding his head under the covers praying the evil presence would go away forever. He was praying to know how to remove black magic and how to break a curse. One night the evil presence entered his room as usual.  Tali would soon find out that this would be the last visit from the evil creature.  Behind the evil presence entered a glowing man with a long white beard. Tali immediately felt safe.  He knew the man was sent to him to protect him because nobody else could help.  The evil presence turned in to amber (like a fire without a flame) and slowly left the room leaving behind ash.  From this day Tali never saw the evil presence again.

After this experience Tali realized that he was different from the average person and learned he was a spiritual healer.  Sometimes visions of the future would randomly appear to him and then later see the visions come true.  He could sense negative energy in places that he had no idea tragic or black things had happened.  He started having regular visits from the white bearded man.   It was then he decided to educate himself on black magic, symptoms of black magic, exorcism, spiritualism, talismans and how to become a spiritual healer.  He has read many books,  some that he has learned to be true and many that were false information. He has learned that white magic and protection spells are actually a form of black magic and it is very dangerous to try to break magic with magic, also if an exorcism is needed.  It is all bad. The only way to remove a spell is with a spiritual healer born with a gift from God.  The white bearded man would appear to him on a consistent basis and teach him  techniques on how to help people spiritually by using his spiritual healer capabilities, most of the time with talismans and also with an exorcism. It was then he learned how to diagnose symptoms of black magic, remove black magic and how to break a curse. People started coming to him with symptoms of black magic and symptoms of possession and wanted to know how to remove black magic and other dark situations with an exorcism.  He would have dreams and see visions of how to break these spells, perform an exorcism and how to fix other problems.  Over the years he has created his own talismans to break black magic.

At the early age of 14 Tali started working in an office in Haifa, Israel as an official spiritual healer.  He was hired by a very famous woman to break black magic spells.  After a while he realized,  she was giving him the work that she couldn't perform.  The reason she didn’t know how to remove black magic and how to break a curse was because she performed black magic, white magic and protection spells for her clients and she was not a spiritual healer.  A person that performs black magic or white magic cannot and doesn’t know how to remove black magic unless they made it themselves.   When he realized her dark side, he knew this was not the place for him and decided to work solo.  From there Tali’s name began to spread and became very well known.  His clientele grew fast and consisted of all different religions, races, and cultures. His name spread for knowing how to cure symptoms of black magic, how to remove black magic and how to break a curse, and other spiritual work permanently without white magic and protection spells. He worked with many Christian Priests and Muslim Sheiks on different exorcisms. Helping him gain a tremendous amount of experience in the demonic possession exorcism. Becoming a very strong, experienced spiritual healer advanced in talismans.

What started off as a visit to his sister one summer evolved into an educational and cultural adventure that spanned twelve years and three continents. The summer visit in Italy awakened a love of Film Making, which Tali studied in Florence at Imagina University.  As his horizons broadened, he came to the United States, where he studied Psychology at De Paul University and Harold Washington College.  Living in a large city like Chicago - compared to the relative safety of Nazareth, which is much smaller in size – offered its own insights into the diversity and similarities of human nature.

Tali then moved to California, to live closer to his other sister, as well as to study Massage Therapy and Social Science at Bryman College and DeAnza College, which had always interested him. Using the creative and other skills he'd learned since he left Israel, Tali went on to manage several Bay Area spas – and to meet his future wife – before returning to Israel. 

Tali then returned home to soon create Nazareth’s first spa and fitness center.  Having to spend over full time hours at his business and having very little time for his spiritual healer work Tali decided to close the spa after 6 years.  This decision was reflected on the high demand of people in need of  his help.

Influenced by his father who in his own youth worked countless hours to grow a one-man business into a number of thoughtfully run family business ventures, Tali credits his father for instilling in him foresight and vision, a sense of adventure, business skills, level-headedness and willingness to realize a dream in a world where nothing is 100% certain. 

What prompted Tali to leave his native Israel was a love of learning, a passion for people, and an awareness of the magnitude – as well as the closeness - of the world. Tali, who is proud of his Arabic roots and of his family, which has lived in that part of the Middle East for thousands of years, sees a larger picture – and perhaps a smaller world after being away for over a decade, so that he identifies with the concept of world citizen. As a result of his life experience Tali can fluently speak Arabic, English, Hebrew and Italian and has helped a uncountable amount of people throughout the world with his spiritual healer talismans.



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