Spiritual Cleansing Ritual - The Importance of Clean Living


    Debating if you need to do a spiritual cleansing ritual? Learn the importance of living a clean lifestyle.

    Are you feeling you are facing some sort of a spiritual problem? You are having constant bad luck and un-normal blockages in your life? Do you feel negative energy around you almost everywhere you go? You might think about having a Spiritual Reading done.

    Sometimes people have signs of generational curses happening in their lives. Sometimes it seems to be symptoms of evil eye and it turns out this negative energy if from neither of these spiritual problems. It is very common for people to soak up negative energy. The best way to describe this is like a sponge. Many people do not have an easy way to release that negative energy. There are many reasons for this and here are to name a few:

    1. Being involved in unhealthy relationships such as friends and family.
    2. Working in a stressful work environment.
    3. The alignment of the moon and stars on the day you were born.
    4. Being negative on a daily basis in your thought patterns.
    5. Being negative on a daily basis on the way you express yourself to others.
    6. Not caring for your body on a regular basis such as showering.
    7. Unclean living environment. This includes home and work. The places you spend most of your time.

    Considering a spiritual cleansing ritual?

    Ways to prevent soaking up negative energy

    It is important to keep a clean home and have good personal hygiene. If you feel symptoms and fall in any of the categories above you might consider looking into spiritual cleansing. The good thing about the cleansing is that it ensures you are releasing the negative energy on a frequent basis. Although Talal does not recommend the cleanse for everyone. It is not always a one size fits all scenario. He has had great feedback from his clients on this service. The spiritual cleansing service he offers covers every month in the year since the moon has different levels all year round. The instructions are also very simple for his clients to do at home once he has finished his work in the nights. There are also other types of cleanings available such as chakra cleansing and spiritual house cleanses. You can do a free spiritual reading and ask if the cleanse is right for you.

    Do you need a spiritual house cleanse?

    Did you know that homes and buildings suck in energy? It can be from the people who live there or other visitors coming in and out. Is there a feeling in your home of negative energy? You will first want to find out the source. There are also many reasons it could be there.

    1. A family member can be bringing negative energy into the home as listed above.
    2. A visitor can bring in negative energy. This can happen unintentionally from their own life problems. This can also happen unintentionally or intentionally with their jealousy or envy of your living situation.
    3. There could be a spell on the home or someone in the home.
    4. There could be black magic directly on the house or property.
    5. The house or property could be haunted.
    6. The house is not kept clean and the dirt inside the home is attracting negative entities.

    There are also other reasons this can happen but this is to name a few. Again. You will want to do a spiritual reading to find out the foundation of the problem.

    A spiritual house cleanse can get rid of the negativity in your home if it is not caused by Whitcraft. If you’re not sure how to do a spiritual cleansing ritual, ask a trusted spiritual adviser. If you’ve ever walked into a perfectly normal house and felt exhausted, uncomfortable or even afraid, then you realize the power of energy. Negative energy within a home can affect your life and your family much more than you realize.

    The importance of clean living and maintaining positive energy in your life.

    When you keep your house clean, you’re getting into all of the energy pockets the house has. Stagnant or negative energy can’t live in any space you have if you move it around consistently. Gases and fumes from decomposition such as sewer, garbage cans, and uncleaned bathrooms can attract evil entities. Clutter and clean are 2 separate things. Both are recommended to stay on top of, but the cleanliness is the most important. Here are some examples people might not think about when it comes to cleanliness, gas, and fumes from their homes.

    1. Feces or urine that has somehow not gone down the drain. Urine in the crevices of a toilet seat, specs of feces around the toilet. This is more common in homes with children. Sometimes things get wiped on the wall and go unnoticed.
    2. An unknown sewer leakage in or under your home or on your property.
    3. Not frequently emptying garbage cans in all rooms of the home.
    4. Not washing garbage bins in the home periodically. Just because the bag is changed doesn’t necessarily mean it is clean. Specs of old food, feces and other things that can decompose can also be slowly caked on the can and go unnoticed.
    5. Kitchen counters and kitchen walls. Depending on the color of the counters and walls, it is common for food to splash and collect without even noticing. Grease can travel in the air and find a nice home on the walls and ceilings as well.
    6. Flooring! Carpet is the hardest one to keep completely clean. This can make a big difference depending on your living habits. This can range from:
    • Stepping on something unsanitary outside and then wearing your shoes in the home.
    • Pets. How much dander they shed. If they are having accidents in the home. If they are having any dingles or drips that are traveling back in the home and falling in the carpet or in the furniture. (We love pets and this is just to point out some examples.)
    • Eating and drinking in all parts of the home. Crumbs and spills can add up so much overtime.

    Spiritual cleansing of a home that you buy or rent

    Every home has its own unique smell and the smell of a home can come from all of these factors. You may want to do a spiritual house cleanse when you move into a new home because of this. Energy from someone else can be harmful to you if it was bad energy.

    If you’ve had a string of bad luck, a spiritual cleansing of a home is strongly recommended. If you are sensing any strange energy such as a ghost in the house, a house cleanse may be one way of ridding it. Cleansing rituals for whatever energy is living in your home can be conducted in a variety of ways. You may have access to local and distant healers that can conduct prayers from afar. The most important is to make sure they are legitimate and do your research.

    Spiritual cleansing with personal hygiene

    Personal hygiene can actually help your spirit. Perhaps you were never given this type of spiritual information. When you cleanse your aura and personal energy, you clean away the energy vibrations of other people you have been in contact with. The frequencies you’re in contact with may not always run on a high level and can actually bring you down. Have you ever had a bad day and felt better after a nice shower? Sometimes people don't think about certain aspects of why hygiene is important. How old sweat, dead skin cells, bacteria eating tooth enamel and unproperly cleaned private areas can cause decomposition on our own bodies. This decomposition can release gasses. Mix it all together for a frequent amount of time. You are now wearing a fragrance to attract all kinds of entities and negative energies.

    Cleansing yourself daily takes away a lot of negative energy that has latched on. Your body and aura become purified this way and you are able to begin a new if you can. Black magic spells and possession can often also make your body odor smell potent. Once black magic removal has occurred, the smell will dissipate. Meanwhile, as you learn how to pray for healing you will find that your mind becomes more at ease about your hygiene. Cleansing of our physical self also cleanses our spiritual self. This will also allow you to unintentionally or intentionally share your positive energy with others you cross paths within your life.

    Cleansing all aspects of your life is important for rebirth and bringing positive energy. Negative and stagnant energy in the home and also on your body can add obstacles for you to move forward in life. Rejuvenation is key to continue moving forward and evolving. To have the things you want in life, you can’t stand in just one spot. Energy is much more powerful than you realize, it can hold you back from the success and happiness you desire. Take care of your home and yourself and you will see rapid growth in return.

    Not all spiritual problems are from generational curses, black magic, demonic possession, evil eye and ghosts that are haunting. Spiritual cleansing has become very popular. For some, this is a must thing to do. As times changing the world is getting more complicated and stressful, so we must adapt to live peacefully in our mind body and soul.

    If you feel you could possibly be a victim of black magic or possession you can do a free spiritual reading. Make sure it is with an experienced spiritual healer to know for sure.


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