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Spiritual healer for demonic possession exorcisms, not white magic
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Possession and Demonic Possession Exorcism

 Demonic possession is when an evil being enters a living creature.

Very Important:  If you have symptoms of demonic possession and are wanting to free your soul and gain control over yourself again, the only way to rid and cure a demonic possession is a demonic possession exorcism with an experienced spiritual healer.  Once in a while this has to be done face to face and a majority of the time it can be done through long distance with talismans. It is very important not to try to remove a possession with white magic or protection spells.  These are forms of black magic and will make your situation much worse. There are very few spiritual healers in the world and a lot of people who say they can heal and are actually using magic to do this, so please be very careful.

 Symptoms Of Demonic Possession

Laughing at other people for no reason  ~ Knowledge of other people without any possible way of knowing ~ Change in voice ~ Drinking massive amount of water ~ Bad breath ~ Change in facial features ~ Change in skin such as dry skin ~ Getting angry or wanting to fight for no reason ~ Very sensitive to smell ~ Excessive washing body ~ Smelling body all the time to be certain they are clean ~ Or the opposite, being overly dirty such a playing with feces ~ Paranoid that people are watching them all the time ~ Talking about, “They” all the time. (“Example: They are watching me”) ~ Encouraging other people that it’s ok to do certain bad things because God said it is ok ~ Cutting or hurting themselves and having no memory of doing so ~ Blackouts ~ Talking nonsense about the future and insisting what they are saying is correct.

 Symptoms Of Demonic Possession During An Exorcism

Speaking different languages the person wouldn't know how to speak ~ Voice changing ~ Extreme fear ~ Hearing voices in the person’s head telling them to hurt the person performing the exorcism ~ Feeling a choking sensation ~ Extreme body cramps ~ Accidental bowel movement or urination

 Who Can A Demonic Possession Happen To?

A demonic possession can happen to anyone good or bad in any race, culture or religion. Any living creature such as a person or an animal.

 What Is It That Enters The Body During a Demonic Possession?

There are many different types of evil spirits that can enter the body during a demonic possession.  Here are a few that are in order by most powerful.  

The Mared is the most powerful and rarest out of all the evil spirits that can enter the body.  The movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is based on a true story.  The real woman’s name was Anneliese Michel. She lived in Germany.  In the 1970’s she ended up passing away due to this possession.  Other evil spirits are known as the Afreet, the Hama, the kareen and the jinnee.  These spirits  are made from the invisible gas released from the flame of the fire and being the reason that they are not visible to the human eye.  These evil spirits all have individual names (Example: Bob) and all have backgrounds of different religions.  Also like the human race there are good and bad spirits in all of these areas.  Just the same as there are good and bad people in all races, religions, and cultures.

Note:  I feel very deep sympathy for Anneliese. I wish I was alive during this time. I would have been able to help her stop suffering and return back to her regular life.  Here is a link to a recording of her exorcism on YouTube and a Wikipedia article on her.  

When Can A Demonic Possession Happen?

This normally can't happen until after the age of 8 and can occur any time during a lifespan. The symptoms of demonic possession might not show right away and may become stronger over time. It is not uncommon for people to live their entire lives being possessed and not knowing or realizing it.

 Where Can A Demonic Possession Happen?

A demonic possession can happen anywhere in the world.  These evil beings are known to live mostly where there is decomposing happening.  During the decomposing process a gas is released and this is what these beings eat.  Decomposition happens at places like sewers, landfills, cemeteries and sitting or contained bodies of water, such as a lake or a pond. Other places these beings like to live are in old wells or dark caves.

 Why Does Demonic Possession Happen?

When a living creature experiences a point of ultimate extreme fear it opens a window into the body.  An example of this could be that the person finds themselves in a very traumatic experience such as a car accident or being in a very scary imaginary state.  The body releases a particular smell during fear.  The evil spirits are very attracted to this scent of fear.  Very similar to the way a dog can smell fear on a person.  Also things like excessive crying can open this window as well.  

 What Are Things I Can Do To Help Prevent A Demonic Possession From Happening?

If you always hold God closely in your heart during the good and bad times, this will help protect you from having a demonic possession.  Learn to control your fear levels to a minimum just by knowing God is the most powerful and will protect you.  Keep your living conditions, surroundings and your body clean.

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