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How to remove black magic, white magic, protection spells by talismans
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How does Talal check to see if someone has black magic and how to remove black magic, white magic and how to break a curse?

How does Talal check to see if someone has black magic?

How to remove black magic, white magic and how to break a curse?


In order to check if someone has black magic or white magic, Talal needs to have that person’s full name, the day, month and year they were born, their mothers first name, where they are located and their picture. If you inquire to anyone online checking to see if you have black magic or white magic, and they do not ask you for this information, proceed with caution.  It is impossible for someone to check if you have black magic without all of this information unless otherwise you are face to face.  You have to ask yourself. How can someone look into your situation and know nothing about you?  Can they tell me about my situation from either the way I write in an email or by my voice? No, they cannot.  Allot of people think that astrologers can see if someone has black magic by giving the date and time of birth.  If you are asked for this information alone, the person checking is not a Spiritual Healer and can only create a horoscope map of your life to determine your personality with this information and not tell you if you have black magic and also can not break black magic. In order to break the black magic or white magic as well as diagnosing black magic or white magic, the Spiritual Healer must have the name, birthday, mothers name and a picture. This also will be used in the talismans for breaking the magic. It is also very important that Talal knows which country you are living in.  Sometimes the different mail carriers will not deliver to certain countries, so he needs to take this into consideration to see if he can help.  It is good to know this so we can calculate the time difference for you and The Holy Land.

Another important thing to know is a psychic is not a Spiritual Healer and does not know how to remove black magic or white magic and how to break a curse. Also, it is very important that you do not have someone make protection spells or white magic for you to break black magic because that is using magic to try to break magic and that will make your situation worse.

Why does a Spiritual Healer need this information to check if there is black magic or white magic, and know how to break a curse and how to remove black magic or white magic?

To explain in a logical and understandable way, according to Wikipedia there are over 7 billion people in this world.  This does not include all of the people who have lived on this earth since the beginning of mankind and have passed away.   Although no one knows how many people total have lived on this earth, but according to research there has been an estimate of over 111,000,000,000+ people that have populated this planet.  Can you imagine how many people out of these 111 billion+ share or shared the same name, birthday and mothers name as you?  I know I have found at least 2 people in the world that share this same information with me when I did an extensive search and that is just people who are online in some way, I can’t imagine all of the people in the world that have no internet access. I can’t begin to process how many people that have lived on this earth, and who have passed away that share my same information.  Talal has had it many times that someone gave him the wrong information, a typo in the birthday, the mother’s middle name instead of the first, the middle name as the last name.  When he did the check, it was inaccurate.  When the inquirer knew something was not right about Talal’s response they realized the information they sent was incorrect and submitted the correct information and got the correct insight.  This is why this information is so important. The information that you provide is kept completely confidential and is only used to check if you have black magic, to see how to remove black magic  or white magic, or how to break a curse or for a demonic possession exorcism.  

Why the mothers name and not the father's name?  

Your mother is the person that God chose to give birth to you.  In some sad situations the mother has cheated on the father and then the father is not actually the father.  With your mother, there are no ways to change about who gave birth to you.  If  you were adopted and do not know your birth mothers name you need to mention this before Talal does your check, otherwise your check will be inaccurate wasting your time and Talal’s time.  


What does Talal do once I submit my information?

Once you have sent the information required to do the black magic check, your picture is printed on a piece of paper along with your name, birthday, and mother’s name.  You check is scheduled for Talal to look into your situation which can take up to one day to one week on average depending on his schedule.  This check is normally done in the night and the results are normally emailed within the next few days.  He is not allowed to say how he does the check because it could jeopardize his gift.  The check takes about 5-10 minutes per person.  

During the check he will see if the inquirer: 

1. Has black magic or white magic.

2. What type of black magic or white magic.

3. What the black magic or white magic was made for and in some cases, what your symptoms of black magic are.

4. How long they have had black magic or white magic for in most cases.

5. How the black magic or white magic was done to them in some cases.

6. How the black magic or white magic is affecting the person. (Note:  Black magic or white magic can be made for one specific area of the life, but affects many aspects of a person's life.)

7. If he can break the black magic. How to remove black magic. How to break a curse.

8. How long it will take him to break the black magic. 

9. How much he charges to break the black magic based off of the time and process he must use.


Talal and any Spiritual Healer are not allowed to say who did the black magic due to spiritual and legal purposes.  All of Talal’s work comes with protection so once the black magic is broken, Talal %100 guarantees the black magic to be broken and also that no one can ever do black magic to you again.

(Note: In some situations, there is a point in time that if someone has had black magic on them for too long, Talal will not agree to break it.  This is because after someone is living with black magic for so long they get used to the way they are living and if the black magic is broken it will be as though they are waking up from a dream right before the black magic was originally done to them and start to question why they didn't do certain things in their life.  This is very hard on a person to look back and see all of the things they missed out on in their life because of the black magic.)

Also Talal will not use protection spells or white magic to break the magic and give you protection. He is a spiritual healer and uses his born gift from God to break these spells.

Once the check and the response are complete the information is filed and awaits follow up and response from the inquirer.

 What is the treatment process?

Talal was born with this special gift from God and this is the reason he is able to help people. If the entire process was not so time consuming and draining for him he would definitely offer this service for free, but unfortunately he has to work in most cases in the middle of the night, losing sleep, use his own tools, and on top of that time just to communicate with the client is extensive. So when inquiring, please take into consideration that there are many people contacting Talal on a daily basis and his schedule is very busy.

There are too many different types of black magic and everyone is affected differently by this.  Some people are stronger than others. Some people have had it longer than others. The magician or wizard who made the spell can differ also, and have an effect on the process. Some magicians are more powerful and experienced than others. Some have more negative energy attracted to the body because of the black magic. For every person and situation there is a different way to break a spell.  Unfortunately, there is not just one general way to break all black magic.  In most cases, after Talal has worked for a certain number of nights he need to send either one or a few talismans (hirz) that is connected to his work and the client will need to follow certain directions with the talismans. In some situations, there may be an option to email the talismans and copy it in saffron and water or to mail the original talismans.  In many cases the client is the required to then put the talismans in a bottle of water and put it under the stars for a certain number of nights.  Sometimes they need to drink the water, sometimes wash, or sometimes just put the water bottle out. Again, every situation is different and this is not always the process for everyone.  This is just to give an example.


Another example of something that might be required from the client is to keep the talismans on them or in their home for protection.  For further questions, feel free to send Talal a message. Also see our page; Past Diagnosis’s to see what Talal has seen for his clients in the past.