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Solution & cure “My house is haunted, I have a ghost in my house”
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There are many people that write to me saying, “I have a ghost in my house, My house is haunted”.  Among my spiritual healing capabilities and expertise is curing haunted houses and ridding ghosts.  Although a haunted house is common, I find that a majority of the time the house is not haunted, but the paranormal activity is due to black magic or demonic possession.  Either way, it is very easy for me to cure this and most of the time I use talismans along with my work and this can most of the time be done from long distance.

Haunted House

A haunted house occurs when a spirit of a human also known as a ghost, or a jinee won’t accept a person to occupy what once used to be theirs.  What people don't normally know is that the being in the premises is more scared of humans than the humans are afraid of the being.  The reason for this is because the human hurt the being more than the being can hurt the person. 

During the occurrence of a haunted house some may experience:

Missing Objects ~  Hearing Noises ~ A Feeling Of Other Presences In The House ~ Moving Objects ~ Seeing Spirits Or Other Indescribable Beings


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