The Diagnosis and Treatment Process on How To Break Curses, Spell Removal, and real Exorcisms for Real Demonic Possessions.


    The First Step of Removing Black Magic is a Correct Diagnosis. Are you wanting to know how to break curses, have black spell removal or how to break a spell? The first thing you need to do is seek a correct diagnosis. This way you will find out if you are in need of a real exorcism.

    Talal has learned that most people who approach him for spell removal have been conned by so-called "Spiritual Healers" they contacted in the past. Most of his clients have experienced no substantial help whatsoever before they found him. That’s why Talal offers a free spiritual reading to see if someone has black magic or signs of generational curses. Then he will know if he needs to proceed with breaking it. Talal’s prides himself in his honesty. If he finds that he cannot help, he simply says sorry and does not try to overcharge his clients. There have been many times a person thinks they have a spell or symptoms of evil eye and it turns out they do not. There is no spiritual problem at all.

    How to Break Curses – How Talal Checks If Someone Has Black Magic or Possession and Needs a Real Exorcism.

    For spell removal, one has to check whether a person has black magic, white magic, a curse, voodoo or a hex. For that, Talal needs the following information:

    • The Person’s full name
    • The day, month and year they were born
    • Their mother's first name
    • Where they are located in the world
    • Their picture

    No spiritual healer can find out if a person has black magic or possession without this information. This is if you are not face to face with the spirit healer. If someone claims to diagnose and "remove black magic" or do a "real exorcism" without getting this information, proceed with caution. The spiritual healing can not be done without this if you are using a distance healer.

    What Does Talal Do After You’ve Submitted the Information?

    Your picture and information are printed on a piece of paper once you have sent the information for the free spiritual reading. This includes your name, birthday, and mother’s name. As Talal is contacted by people from different parts of the world, the check may take 1-7 days depending on the schedule. The confidentiality of his client’s information is at his utmost importance and only he and his assistant see the information submitted.

    Talal will check to see:

    1. If you have black magic, demonic possession, an evil eye, are retaining negative energy or if there is no spiritual problem at all.
    2. If the reading came out positive for one of the above he will see what type of black magic.
    3. How is the black magic affecting your life?
    4. If he can remove the black magic.
    5. If there is a need for real exorcism or not.
    6. How long would it take to break the black magic.
    7. How much he’ll charge to break the black magic based off of the time and process he must use.

    A Thorough Diagnosis Is Followed By An Effective Treatment

    There are different types of black magic and spiritual problems and everyone can be affected differently. Some people are stronger than others and some people have had it longer than others. The magician or wizard who made the spell can also differ, and it can have an effect on the process. Some magicians are more powerful and experienced than others. Some have more negative energy attracted to the body because of the black magic. For every person and situation, there is a different way of spell removal. Unfortunately, there is not just one general way to break all black magic. In most cases, after Talal has worked for a certain number of nights, he needs to send either one or a few talismans (Hirz). These are connected to his work and the client will need to follow certain directions with the talismans (Hirz). In many situations, there is an option to email the talismans or to mail the original talismans. In many cases, the client is required to put the talismans in a bottle of water. Then put it under the stars for a certain number of nights. Sometimes they need to wash with the water, or just put the water bottle out. Every situation is different and this is not always the process for everyone. This is just to give an example.

    For further questions on how to break a spell feel free to contact Talal.



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