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Spiritual Healer services, Talismans-Exorcism-How to break a curse=CURE
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  • Diagnosing symptoms of black magic.
  • Breaking Black Magic of Any Kind. Includes a lifetime of protection from black magic and curses. (For people who want to know how to remove black magic.) 
  • Removing a curse. Includes a lifetime of protection from black magic and curses. (For people who want to know how to remove a curse.)
  • Demonic Possession Exorcism: Stopping Possession of any Kind. 
  • Evil Eye Removal and Evil Eye Protection.
  • Protection From Black Magic For People/Families Who Do Not Have Black Magic. 
  • Treating Psychological Problems That Can’t Be Medically Diagnosed.
  • Haunted Houses: Restoring Haunted Houses Back To A Peaceful State. 
  • Black Magic Check (Check to see if you have black magic done on you.) Free service
  • Helping in life situations such as business, careers and relationships with talismans.
  • Love Match/Compatibility Check (Check to see if that special someone is compatible for you.)
  • Find out about a Missing person.
  • Make peace, closure or apologize to someone that has passed away. 
  • Helping Men that have fertilization problems that are wanting to have children. 
  • Stopping insomnia.
  • Stopping a divorce. 


VERY IMPORTANT: If you are ever trying to defeat evil energy from the underworld, such as black magic or a possession, make sure you do not use white magic or protection spells.  These are sources of black magic and it is very dangerous and can make your situation much worse. All of Talal’s work for breaking black magic comes with protection forever from black magic happening again. No matter how hard someone would try to do black magic to you again, they would see that you are protected and are powerless against you.


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