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    Spiritual Healing Services - Curse Removal - Real Possession Exorcisms - Spiritual Cleanse - Evil Eye Removal

    Before the Internet Talal's Spiritual Healing Services Spread Internationally Through Only Word of Mouth.

     What is Spiritual Healing? There are many misconceptions on the internet these days when it comes to the definition. Spiritual healing is everything that has to do with the spirit world. The connection between a person’s spirit and soul interacting with the spirit world. It's all described as energy. Positive and negative. The positives make you happy and the negatives make you down and sad. Black magic curses, evil eye, evil entities, spiritual cleansing, and real demonic possession need to be treated by an experienced spiritual healer.


    Free Spiritual Reading

    Do you think you have signs of generational curses or symptoms of possession? This free service can help connect the dots in your life if you are facing spiritual problems. For more information please see our Diagnosis and Treatment section.

    Breaking Black Magic of Any Kind. Includes a lifetime of magic protection – This is how to remove black magic.

    Are you looking at how to get rid of a curse? This service can help you. Protection from black magic and protection from the evil eye are included. Please see our Treatment Process section for more details.

    Remove Curse - How to Remove a Curse from Yourself

    Want to know how to remove a curse from yourself. Talal has been breaking curses for more than 30 years through prayer of healing and his special God gifted method.

    Real Demonic Possession Exorcism: Stopping Possession of any Kind

    Talal has performed more than 700 real exorcisms for real demonic possession over the last 30 years. Protection from black magic and protection from the evil eye are included.


    Evil Eye Removal and Evil Eye Protection Through Spiritual Healing

    With this protection, the evil eye can only affect you for 3 days maximum before it is forced to leave. Talal's prayer of healing also comes with protection against black magic.


    Protection from Black Magic for People & Families Who Do Not Have Black Magic

    Have any of your ancestors or family members been victims of black magic in the past? Statistics show that other family members have a higher chance of also becoming victims of black magic. The Evil Protection service can prevent this.

    Haunted Houses: Restoring Haunted Houses Back To A Peaceful State

    Do you find yourself wondering, "Is my house haunted?" Have a free spiritual reading of your home to find out.


    Love Compatibility Check

    Are things getting serious or completely going horrible in your relationship? Do you have a crush but don't know if it's worth a try? Talal will do a love compatibility check and evaluate if two people are compatible with each other based on their personalities.

    Spiritually Helping in Life Situations Such as Business, Careers, Studying and Relationships.

    Do you have a competitive jealous co-worker making your job difficult? Are your sales not closing? Are you having a hard time meeting that special someone? Is your marriage or relationship taken a rocky turn? This service is for you.

    Helping With Real Estate Sales

    Is your home, property or business not selling for no good reason? Or maybe just not selling fast enough? Ask Talal if he can help.

    Make Peace, Closure or Apologize to Someone Who Has Passed On

    Unfortunate things can happen to people we care about when we are not expecting it. It is human for people to say or do things they do not mean. Ask Talal for a prayer of healing to help you get closure.

    Helping Men and Women with Fertilization Problems that Want to Have Children

    Have you been trying to have a baby with no success? Your doctor is not finding any issues but there is still no pregnancy? Ask Talal if he can help.

    Stopping Insomnia

    Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Ask Talal if he can help.

    Spiritual Cleansing - Chakra Cleanse

    Your body and soul will be cleansed from negative energy on a monthly basis for 12 months. This is negative energy that has been collected on a daily basis from life problems and stress that sometimes can attract evil entities.

    Spiritual House Cleanse

    Are you feeling negative energy in your home? Did you know your house can soak up and hold all energies that have come and gone throughout the years? Are you experiencing any paranormal activity? Do you ever wonder if something tragic has happened in your home before you moved in? Ask Talal to check if a spiritual house cleanse is right for you.

    Stopping a divorce

    Are you or your partner in love and fort no reason one of you is deciding to get a divorce? What if it could be fixed? Ask Talal if he is able to help you.

    Cord Cutting From a Toxic Relationship

    Do you have a toxic relationship that you can't keep out of your mind? Is it affecting you negatively and distracting you from focusing on the important things in life? Ask Talal if he can help.

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