Talal’s Journey to Becoming a Spiritual Healer

    Spiritual advisorsBorn and raised in the Holy land's city of Nazareth, Israel, Talal Zoabi was destined to become a spiritual healer. As a seven-year-old boy, he had symptoms of black magic. Every night he would see a demon with the face of a dog and an unusually long tail. He spent nights praying and hiding with unexplainable fear. One night, the evil presence entered Talal's room, but it was followed by a glowing man with a long white beard. The evil presence turned in to amber (like a fire without a flame) and slowly left the room leaving behind ash. It was the start of Talal's journey to becoming a spiritual healer. Talal started to experience strange things. Sensing negative energy around him and seeing visions of the future, but he didn't know what to do about it. The white-bearded man regularly started to visit Talal. He decided that he needs to educate himself on black magic, symptoms of black magic, demonic possession exorcism, and spiritualism. He knew that it was time for him to embark on a special journey to become a spiritual healer.

    Distance healerAs Talal read many books, he learned something extremely important that he wanted others to know. White magic and protection spells are actually a form of black magic and it is very dangerous to try to break magic with magic. He knew that everyone needed to know about the dangers of it and yet some magicians were still practicing it. It became evident to him that the only way to remove a spell is with the help of a spiritual advisor. This is a person who is born with a gift from God. The white-bearded man taught Talal on a consistent basis on spiritual healing, breaking curses, and exorcism. It didn't take long before helpless people started to visit Talal to have their black magic removed as well as exorcism.

    As Talal started to help people with his remarkable spiritual healing gift, he never looked back. Today, he has over 30 years of experience, and he has helped thousands of people from different parts of the world. He always exceeds his reputation as a spiritual advisor or distance healer who maintains a strict balance between right and wrong.


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