The first step when treating symptoms of possession with exorcism and how to get rid of demons.

    There can be all different signs of possession when it comes to evil entities and demons. Symptoms of possession vary from one person to another. The first step on how to get rid of demons is to find an experienced spiritual healer who has performed many successful exorcisms prior. It can not be emphasized enough to never make the mistake of removing real possession with any kind of magic or protection spells. It will only make your situation much worse. If an exorcism is done improperly it can put the victim at risk. Also, the person trying to help and the people around them in spiritual, physical and mental danger.

    Signs of Possession

    In demonic possession, the actions of a person can be controlled by a demon or evil entity. It can occur when an evil presence enters the body of a living creature. As a result, a person can express the following signs of possession, but the signs can vary from one case to another:

    • Changes in the voice.
    • Uncontrollable laughing at others (it can be at humans, animals, and even non-living things) for no apparent reason.
    • Having knowledge of others (e.g. where they have been, their past).
    • Having a really foul breath.
    • Sudden changes in facial features or in the skin.
    • Having very sensitive smell.
    • Always feeling thirsty and drinking lots of water.
    • Either remaining clean by excessively washing the body or remaining overly dirty and not taking a bath for days, weeks and even months.
    • Becoming paranoid that people are watching them.
    • Unexplained blackouts.
    • Cutting or hurting themselves and then having no recollection of doing it.
    • Surrounding themselves with things and items similar to hoarding behavior.
    •  Believing they are getting direct orders from God or Angels.
    • Believing they are hearing and seeing God and Angels directly.
    • Staying alone by themselves often and speak in an non-understandable language to themselves.


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