Talal's Spiritual Healing Testimonials - How to Cure Black Magic

    Learn how to break a curse on your family by these spiritual healing testimonials. 

    Talal Zoabi knows how to identify black magic signs and cure black magic.

    Talal’s Work Speaks Volumes

    If you have any queries related to your family or how to cure black magic, you can trust without any doubt at all. Talal has over 30 years of experience in breaking and performing exorcisms. These spiritual healing testimonials are proof of his dedication and sincerity to his work. He has satisfied clients from all over the world and you can be one of them as well.


    These spiritual healing testimonials will help you get insights on how to break a curse in your family. Also, how to cure black magic and to understand what are black magic signs. Here are just a few Talal helped who felt helpless.
    Cure black magic

    Leor D. Australia

    "My experience is not long at all but it's real. I had a breathing difficulties and I was so mad all the time and depressed. Nothing was going right. I had bad dreams and sometime I couldn't sleep all at once. I tried went to Talal cause it was the last hope. All the past things disappeared. Everything went back to its nature. Now I am feeling good and there are no bad dreams any more. My thanks goes back to God and Talal. My advice if anyone has a problem to contact Talal."

    Angela Y. USA Spiritual Cleansing

    "I forgot my April cleanse. I felt funny all-around at the beginning of the month and didn't figure out for a few days what was wrong. Then I realized I had forgotten my monthly cleanse routine. I felt a huge weight lifted after I did it. I couldn't sleep for the nights I hadn't, then literally lay down and napped right after doing it! I couldn't believe how well it worked to calm me down, focus and lend a positive attitude. It is the second time in ten months I experienced this. "

    Michael S. San Francisco California

    "I recently had my case worked on in December 2015. I reside in San Francisco California this is a true story, I was informed about 15 years ago by a psychic that somebody had put a spell on me and I didn't believe it, but as time went on I started to feel things. I started to be angry a lot. My marriage was really rocky I couldn't figure why I was going through what I was going through. I was just about to get a divorce in 2015 and I decided to contact a psychic because I wanted to see where my life is going. she informed me that I had some form of black magic something on me that I needed to have it looked into she couldn't help me so I did, I went along and I dealt with somebody who specializes in black magic. Which was a very big mistake in my behalf and I had what was called a protection spell and a removal I didn't know any better and it made my situation worse I couldn't figure out why, so I prayed about it I asked God with a sincere heart to please help me and direct me in the right direction. A couple of days later I came across a website of a spiritual healer his name is Talal Zoabi, he offered a free black magic check, I thought that was very generous. I didn't even tell him what was going on in my life, and he ran everything down to me me. He told me how long I've had this, me he even told me how it was put on me. I want people to know out there that you can trust Talal he is the real deal, look no further. HE WILL HELP YOUR SITUATION. He is also very attentive to every question you have and is great and answers everything and gets back to me right away with no hesitation. Whoever reads this I hope you read it word for word and don't have no hesitation to contact Mr. Zoabi if you feel you are a victim let him evaluate you you can trust me I'm living proof my name is Michael S. from California."

    Kevin L. Australia Black Magic Removal

    "When I contacted Talal, I was very skeptical about his performance for removing black magic. The reason, because I had been looking for a long time to seek some professional who knew how to remove the root cause of the issue. I was sure that I had black magic. Because I had many clear symptoms on me and my normal day and night were ruined. I used to have troubles and hurdles in every move I did for my success. I lost my job. I lost my savings investing in a business. I faced financial loss in every matter. During the night I was unable to sleep because of hallucination. I clearly felt someone’s existence with me. I didn’t know how many they were, but they didn’t let me sleep. I used to hear a sound as someone hit the window or door with some object. And those sounds were continuous. It was hard to sleep in the night, so I used to use cotton in the ear that only helped me by reducing the noise. It was not that I was a patient of schizophrenia as someone might think. I was unable to discuss these problems with my friends even fearing they might think I wasn’t in my senses or a psycho patient.

    Once I found a user’s positive review for Talal on another website which helped me make a decision about him. I contacted Talal through his website. Talal confirmed to me that my black magic was three years old and it was done on me to have bad luck and it’s being stronger by the passage of time. Talal also assured that he could break this black magic with a 100% guarantee to make sure that no one would be able to do black magic on me in the future as well. I followed all of his instructions to have the process completed. It was also advised that once the process of breaking black magic was done, the symptoms might take longer than enough to fade off. I still had the symptoms for 3-4 months though they started to fading off gradually. I contacted and spoke to Talal but he assured me that black magic was gone. Very soon I began to feel a “change” in my body, mind, circumstances etc. I felt as a “free” man and a great change happened in me making me more confident. Talal answered all of my questions. His written communication skills are excellent. He did not make me realized as his customer but made me felt like a family member. He is great and really helping humanity in a positive way. I am very thankful to him to get me out of the worst situation of my life. Talal’s work is not black or white magic. It’s a spiritual work and spiritual rituals work slow but steady and remove the root cause of the evil. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. I would highly recommend to those who are even suspecting of magic to contact Talal as soon as possible because his work makes you safe forever in life from black magic."

    Aiesha H. Dubai Broke A Love Spell

    "For as long as I can remember I have always felt something wasn't quite right in my relationships and that I was destined to meet someone else that would bring me, true love. In April this year, I found just that. It was like I had known him for a hundred years. Things were going really well, and he showed me he liked me immensely even saying that he had never felt this way before. I would look at him and although I agreed in my head I could not bring myself to be able to tell him the same. I was also not very warm or loving back to him and it was as though there was another force precluding me from being so as in my mind I felt as strongly for him as he did for me. I knew I was pushing this man away by not being myself but I had no control over it and then one day I never heard from him again. I confided in my best friend telling her that I thought it must be my fault as I knew how much he had loved me and not for superficial reasons but I could feel it in my soul that we were meant to be together. This was not just any ordinary crush; far from it.

    My friend told me about Talal in confidence, and she suggested that although I might be skeptical that I should contact him as it sounded like a scenario she had been through where she knew a guy was in love with her in the past, they never came to be together.

    When I contacted Talal he welcomed me and made me immediately feel as though I was in safe hands. That same evening Talal was able to do a free check and low and behold, he discovered that I was subject to BM. He wouldn't say who had inflicted this upon me but I have an idea as to who it could've been from my past and suddenly it all made sense.

    I knew this was the cause of me not yet being married and also more hurtfully why my one true love had disappeared. Without hesitation, I asked Talal to initiate the necessary work, and he was able to tell me that the BM was indeed the cause of our separation.

    It is cleared now and having followed all of Talal's instructions, down to the first contact to be made with the guy it is going really well so far! I also feel a lot happier generally and in higher spirit and positivity than ever before when there was always a weight looming on me.

    Talal has changed my life. I am forever grateful to him for being the wonderfully positive and supportive spiritually blessed person he is.

    I urge anyone in a similar position to approach this with the confidence and respect that Talal deserve and wish you all good luck in love, your lives, and happiness."

    Marsha F. Canada Removal of Black Magic

    Before I sought Talal's help I was in complete desolation... I was affected by black magic for about 7 years or more. Every passing year the darkness kept degenerating my very existence. Everything was going wrong in my life... I ended up marrying a man who never loved me was surrounded by people who hated me and called me their friend...

    I would tell my them I felt something was wrong with me, and they'd laugh at me and call me crazy. My life was in shambles and it was as if every decision I ever made was one to push me further downwards into sadness and misfortune. I found myself feeling like a puppet at times... every motion and gesture was as if something else was embodied inside.

    Talal saw what was going on and knew right away without me even telling him what I felt or thought I had... he confirmed my every suspicion. I always felt as though someone had done something to me to make me unhappy and to have bad luck in everything I do... and Talal saw that exact thing! He came in and fixed everything for me! Slowly I felt better; I was regaining control of myself and my emotions, I no longer had an explosive temper and felt enveloped with a wonderful sense of peace.

    Contacting him was the best thing I ever did. I thank God for bringing these 2 amazing and patient souls into our lives. I even got a promotion at work!

    I know how fake this must sound but Talal is the REAL deal!!!!

    Doctors prescribe drugs to placate and make us sedated... but there are things that doctors don't see... black magic can drive a person mad...

    If you or a loved one have been inflicted by black magic or any other kind of darkness thwarting you please see Talal!

    He is truly a soldier of God!!!

    K & D. CANADA Learned How to Break Curses

    I and my wife were going through some extreme difficulties that were extraordinary and unexplainable. We were trying to figure out why we were experiencing and going through certain trials or not achieving our set goals. By doing some investigation on the internet in search of answers we came upon Talal's website and decided to inquire further by responding to the questionnaire. When we received a quick response from Talal's office we found out that family members and acquaintances had placed "black magic" on our family. This caused us to seek further help from Talal which he speedily provided for us, and he removed all "black magic" spell from every member of our family. Immediately, we saw results we felt the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders. We were now able to think clearer, focus and have a more positive outlook. We were even able to purchase a home within 3 months which we were not able to do in the last 8 years. We know for sure that this was a direct result of Talal helping me and my family.

    We want to give a big thank you to Talal for giving us our life back!!!!

    Hany S. USA Stopped the Black Magic Signs

    As a victim of black magic, I spent years being bullied and tormented by ghosts and shadows, I suffered from night terrors, I also had many physical illnesses that doctors failed to diagnosed and I kept getting into many fights without reasons. Everyone I turned to would end up being a fraud who would take my money and I would never hear from them again. The frauds would promise me cure and lifetime protection from these demonic symptoms but I would feel no difference. My life was a wreck and felt like I was falling into a bottomless pit. I even looked 10 older than my age. But thanks to God that I found Talal Zoabi's website. All I had to do was give Talal some of my information and I herd back from him quickly. Once the healing process began I started to feel better. As a matter of fact, the second day, people who knew nothing of this told me that my face looks brighter. Furthermore, every time I had questions they were always answered. Talal's office made me feel like a real patient and not a customer.

    Frank C. Canada Found an Honest Spiritual Healer

    I am grateful to have found an honest healer like Talal Zoabi using the internet, and contacting him, he confirmed I had a spiritual problem in a form of black magic. Talal was spot-on in his diagnosis, explaining how the black magic was affecting me and how he can help.

    Talal had worked for two weeks, using positive, religious energy to break the black magic (genuine healers will NOT use magic to break magic). He mailed me some talismans and I had some instructions to follow. Talal was kind enough to include protection for our family in his work!

    Talal had been fantastic in answering the questions I had, and caring about my well-being. She would support me when I had concerns or needed guidance.

    Now, I am feeling much better since Talal finished working with me, and I continue to see improvements in my health. I am calmer and much more satisfied. I have an improved positive ego, and most of all, I have regained my free will -!

    I cannot stress how thankful I am to have connected with such goodhearted people - who helped me in my hour of need. Thank You, Talal!

    Fatima M. USA Magic Removal

    My life is now very different since Talal performed magic removal. When I contacted Talal, I did not provide any information as to what was going on in my life, but he identified the two big issues in my mind. Before the break, I was just about to graduate from a prestigious graduate program but could not get an interview, my husband and I fought constantly, and I had health issues that always cropped up at the most inconvenient time. Now, I have gotten more interview requests than I can keep up with, my husband and I don’t fight all the time, and my health is back on track. Thank you.

    Lorraine P. Canada Found Evil Protection

    I honestly do not know where to begin, I am speechless. We go through life bombarded by evil without really realizing it. I grew up in a healthy household, emotionally, mentally and physically, my parents taught us about our faith, and I always held it close to my heart, please bear in mind, I was born and raised in Canada. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was “black magic”, never heard of the term and never thought that people would actually do something like this, casting dark entities around someone, this was the farthest from my mind and obviously farthest from my faith.

    I’ve always had everything, our parents worked very hard to establish a good life for us. Once of employment age (15), I began working part-time after school to make my own income, become independent of my parents and I have never ever been down and out. I got married at the age of 22, bought a house at age 26 and already had a firstborn by then, I had a great job with a good income. A year to two years into the marriage suddenly things started to go wrong. I lost my job, got divorced, lost my home, lost my son, lost my friends and immediate family. I moved to another province in Canada to begin a new life. During this journey, I had many “psychics” tell me that there is something blocking my path and that I should be quite wealthy at this time of my life. It is now 25 years later and looking back, these psychics were actually right, so many situations when looking back, would start up and then suddenly falter, something would go wrong and it seemed like an endless cycle that would never ever change, at times, I felt I was spinning around and around without getting ahead and or anywhere.

    Finally, I began to pray. I prayed so hard that it was emotional, I had a conversation with God and asked him to send someone to help, but not “Just Someone”. I specifically asked for someone from the Holy Land. And, he sent Talal and Kirsten. Here is why I begin my testimonial by saying “I am speechless”. Talal looked into my situation and found that there was black magic done on me to have bad luck, have negative relationships, and become ill. Trust me when I say this, there are people in this world which practice black magic and wish others ill fate. I never thought this way, never ever in my wildest dreams! Along this path of life, I had come across people like this but thought that they were crazy. In reality and as I have learned that this is like a religion, it is a faith that these people follow, practice and it is REAL!

    Since working with Talal and Kirsten, I felt like a load of something is off of my shoulders, I reflected about my life, at times I felt so sad and at times, I felt relieved, that finally I have met someone with a true heart and has taken the time to understand my situation and to help me. When someone tells you to believe in miracles, believe in them because miracles are real, God answered my prayer. Therefore, I believe in miracles happening, Talal and Kirsten are real miracles from God. He is honest, and not a scam. There is never a day since meeting him, that I do not pray for him to be protected. My life has changed and I know it will continue to become just as it was intended to be, full of peace and love, full of happiness, and full of prosperity. This was all taken away from me 25 years ago, and bless Talal for coming into my life to help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Always and forever my friend, my brother, my mentor. I highly recommend that if you are experiencing anything to contact Talal and Kirsten, more people to know about this miracle and his gift of protection from evil.

    A very grateful client in Canada

    I am so grateful to have discovered Talal entirely by chance during a very difficult phase in my life. I had struggled with black magic for almost three years and had worked with countless people who assured me they could remove it - and prevent it from coming back. I invested tens of thousands of dollars with little to no result, and I did not know where to turn to resolve these issues. I was devastated and did not know who I could trust, or how to move forward. When I discovered Talal's website and reviewed his approach, I knew I needed to investigate this avenue. I had so much fear and concern, I wanted to do extensive diligence before I made a decision. I called Talal early in the morning and immediately knew this was a trustworthy person. She explained the entire process to me and directed me to testimonials on the website for additional information. There was no pressure. I was so desperate for the black magic check, she asked Talal to perform it right away. I was so grateful that I didn't have to spend thousands more. Talal worked with me every day to ensure I had all the instructions, and to address every question along the way. I followed everything to the letter because I did not want any risk or mistakes. She kept me up-to-date on Talal's progress and went above and beyond to courier my specially-made Talisman to me at the exact date I needed it - before a brief vacation. I am extremely grateful for their help and feel the difference Talal's work has made in my life. There was no additional request for money once the work was complete, and he continues to check in on me. He also helped to protect two people I love very much at no extra cost - even for the Talismen. Again, these were provided to me exactly when I needed them. I am so thankful I found him. He is wonderful, God-sent people and I believe in him. Thank you for everything Talal - and God bless.

    A very grateful client in Canada

    Yoshi F. Israel Genuine Spiritual Worker

    I found Talal online, and I glad I did! Talal called me and I had the pleasure to speak with a very wise and generous man, a genuine spiritual worker! He was very accurate in reading what kind of dark work was cast against me, and he knew all that I was going through. Talal did a great job for me, his amulets are powerful !!!. Talal was there for every question I had, she's too an intelligent and kind woman. He took care of me like I was family, and I am deeply thankful for him. I tell all my friends about him.


    عزيزي طلال زعبي : لا املك الكلمات التي تعبر عن حمدي لله اولا وشكري لك ثانيا على ما قدمت لي من مساعده كبيره بعد مشواري الطويل مع المعاناة نتيجة السحر الذي تعرضت له.انا هدى من حيفا عزباء في الخمسين من عمري توقفت بي كل سبل الحياة والنجاح.اي شخص كنت اعجب به كان يهرب ويختفي.رغم تحصيلي العلمي بدرجات عاليه في موضوع التمريض الا انه تم فصلي لسبب غير واضح كدت افقد صوابي على اثره.اصبحت اعاني من الارق فتحول ليلي نهارا ونهاري ليلا.اصبحت كسوله جدا لدرجة انني لم انهض من الفراش لايام متواصله ولم اعد ابالي بنظافتي الشخصيه.فقدت الشهيه للطعام وخسرت من وزني الكثير.اتفه الاسباب كانت تغضبني وتثير اعصابي وتفقدني توازني وارغب بضرب من امامي.كل افراد العائله كانوا يكرهونني بشكل غير طبيعي ولسبب اجهله وغير واضح اطلاقا حتى انني لم اجد من يساعدني في محنتي كما يحدث في الحالات الطبيعيه داخل اي عائله,مما ادى بي الى الاقدام على وضع حد لحياتي,الا ان المحاوله كانت فاشله.بت اعاني من مشاكل صحيه شخصها الاطباء على انها التهابات مفاصل,مرض جلدي,فقر دم,فطريات عنق الرحم ارق واكتاَب,الا ان ايا من الادويه التي وصفوها لي لم تساعدني,مما زاد في ياسي ومحاولتي مره اخرى لوضع حد لحياتي.في الفتره التي سبقت ذهابي الى طلال اصبت بحاله من الشلل لم استطع النهوض او الجلوس على اثرها الا بمساعدة الغير ومره اخرى لم يستطع الاطباء تشخيص الحاله.اصبحت اعاني من النسيان الشديد ولا استطيع رؤية الاشياء رغم وجودها امامي,الا ان الاخرين يستطيعون رؤيتها مما ادى بهم بنعتي بالكاذبه .في البدايه لم اتمكن من العمل في اي مكان لانني كنت ارفض لسبب غير واضح ولاحقا لم اتمكن من العمل بسبب ما اصبت به.تعرضت لابشع انواع السحر في سن العشرين وعشت معه مدة 30 سنه عانيت بها الامرين الى ان اكرمني الله بطلال زعبي بعد تضرعي له سنوات طويله.بعد ان تم فك السحر زال كل ما عانيت منه نهائيا واصبحت انسانه نشيطه ومرحه,عدت لمقاعد الدراسه في الجامعه وللعمل في اَن واحد.هذا جزء بسيط من معاناتي التي تبدو كقصه من الخيال الا انها وللاسف حقيقيه اتت طعناتها ممن كانوا يدعون الصداقه ومن زوجات الاخوه.قبل ان اتعرف على طلال عن طريق صديقتي ذهبت لاشخاص اَخرين الا انهم كانوا دجالين ونصابين تلذذوا بماَسي الغير عن طريق استغلالهم ماديا.نصيحتي لوجه الله تعالى لكل من يعاني من مشكلة ما ان لا يتردد من التوجه الى طلال زعبي واستشارته.


    اسمي هبه من قرية الرامه.اتوجه لطلال زعبي بالشكر الجزيل على العلاج الروحاني الذي تلقيته لديه.عمري 30 سنه متزوجه وام لثلاثة اطفال.زوجي يعمل في مجال الاعمال الحره ووضعنا المادي ممتاز جدا ولا ينقصنا شيء لا من الاساسيات ولا من الكماليات.طلبات زوجي باتت غريبه وتعجيزيه واصبح كثير التافف ويكثر الكلام عن الزواج من اخرى,وطبعا كاي امراه تخاف على استقرار عائلتها ازدادت الخلافات الى حد ما قبل الطلاق.توجهت الى طلال زعبي عن طريق قريبه لي وصدمت حين علمت ان كل ما حدث بيننا كان نتيجة لسحر تعرض له زوجي من اجل ان يقع الطلاق بيننا.الحمد لله ان الامور بيني وبين زوجي عادت الى مجراها الطبيعي وبات الانسجام العائلي اكثر من ذي قبل.شكرا جزيلا طلال والله يطول بعمرك.


    طلال زعبي يطول بعمرك ويعطيك الصحه ,العافيه والقوه وتساعد كل انسان اتعرض لقذارة السحر.انا من سكان سخنين,توجهت الى طلال زعبي عن طريق صديق لي من قرية عرابه.بعد مرور سنه على زواج ابني البالغ من العمر 24 عاما دبت الخلافات بينه وبين زوجته. في البدايه اعتقدت ان ما يحدث هو نتيجة صغر سنه وقلة تجربته,لكن سرعان ما اتضح لي بعد ان توجهت الى طلال زعبي ان ما كان يحدث انما نتيجة سحر تعرض له.الحمد لله عادت المياه لمجاريها واصبح لديه طفلان.


    انا وزوجي من سكان بيت جن,نمارس مهنة التعليم,نبلغ من العمر 35 و 30 ولدينا 3 اطفال.تازمت الامور بيننا نتيجة طلبات والده الماديه المتكرره في كل شهر رغم علمه بحجم الديون التي تراكمت علينا نتيجة بناء البيت الجديد.في كل شهر يطلب مبالغ من المال رغم حصوله على معاش عالي من عمله لشراء اشياء تافهه وغير ضروريه مبررا ذلك بان الابن ملزم بابيه.في احد الاشهر طلب مبلغ 25,000 شاقل فلم يرفض زوجي طلب ابيه وازدادت ديوننا بمبلغ اضافي,وانا بدوري لم استطيع الصمت خصوصا وان ما حدث كان خفية عني فتفاقمت الخلافات بيننا واصبحنا نناقش موضوع الطلاق.صحيح ان الابن ملزم بوالديه,لكن ليس في حالة ان الوالد لا ينقصه شيء والولد

    تثقله الديون.امي عارضت فكرة الطلاق وتوجهت الى طلال فاتضح ان الوالد تعرض للسحر من اجل اثقال كاهل ابنه.تم فك السحر والحمد لله.


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    Written by Talal's Clients & Published by The Office of Talal Zoabi 30+ Years of Experience in Spiritual Healing

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