How A Free Distance Healer Can Be Fake Spiritual Healing

    Tolls that are taken on a spiritual healer

    Black magic healers were born with the incredible gift to relieve people of debilitating spells that were put on them. If they decide to dedicate their lives to helping others find a remedy for black magic, giving free healing is counterproductive. This is how free distance healing affects a black magic healer.

    A spiritual healer will often work many nights in order to get rid of black magic in your life. To do so for free makes no sense for miracles healers that have the gift to heal. The healer would have to take on a real job to pays bills and buy food. This would be impossible being that they give so much time when breaking curses. The work a black magic healer does is time-consuming for them and takes a lot of energy. While you may look to seek out the best financial solution. Free distant healing can seem like a great idea, know that this could be a scam altogether. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies to black magic healers.

    Making realistic decisions when seeking spiritual healing help

    Realistically, no black magic healer is capable of offering free distance healing to the many people needing it all over the world. You have to wonder then, what would be in it for them financially? No human should be expected to neglect their own selves and family to utilize their gifts. Even if they are a humanitarian at heart, they will suffer and this prevents them from helping others eventually. A true distance healer that knows how to break curses and cure the symptoms of possession can become very tired spiritually for periods of time cleansing the evil they have withdrawn from others. Time in the real world is money. If the black magic healer gives his gift for free, they may be looking to gain much more from you than you realize. Free distance healing should be considered a red flag approached with caution. In the event that the healer offering free distance healing is a scam, many terrible things can begin happening in your life.

    Consequences of free distance healing

    A fake healer might demand money from you. Likely much more money than any black magic healer would have asked for in the first place. I have many clients that before they found me were paying previous healers on a monthly basis. They were doing this out of fear because they would receive threats from the healer. They can take payments from you multiple times if it’s their wish because you are under their control. They may also put a spell on you. They have received enough information about you to have insights into your life that makes you vulnerable under them. These kinds of black magic healers will drain you of all your finances. After that, they can put a black magic curse on you if they so desire. If you deny them the money they are demanding, it is highly likely your life will take a negative turn. They can begin to cast spells on you and you will be defenseless to stop it. Your only alternative is to find a legitimate black magic healer that will know how to break a black magic spell like this.

    How to tell if a distance healer is legitimate

    True black magic healers can’t put black magic spells on people. Both types of magic are not possible so look at testimonies of actual black magic healing. Be accepting of paying a fee for services only if it is not an outrageous amount. Calculate the amount they are asking for by dividing the time it will take them to work. Most healing takes time and if you compare the daily amount your equation answers, you might see it is much more realistic. If the amount does not make sense and is outrageous, the authenticity of the healer probably is outrageously fake as well. I have seen families give their life savings to these types of fake healers. It is very sad.

    The fee for a legitimate healer still might be an out-of-the-blue cost for you. But a good investment for the quality of life for you and your family. If you have a budget, a black magic healer sometimes accepts payments. They want to help everyone they can and have the knowledge of how to remove black magic but their gift is worth something.  They are unable to work another job full time because their time is consumed utilizing their important gift. The remedy for black magic should come at a cost for the energy dispelled to do so effectively. Respect that this is a spiritual healer's calling but in this day and age, they must be compensated. This allows them to care for their families and themselves, so they continue to effectively find the remedy for black magic for individuals.

    If you feel you could possibly be a victim of black magic or possession you can do afree spiritual reading. Make sure it is with an experienced spiritual healer to know for sure.



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